Here are the Winners!
Tokyo is calling!


The exciting MGO World Championship 2008 came to an end!

We had great matches and tought fights but finalle these two teams made it and won their finals and a flight ticket to Tokyo!

1) Razzle Dazzle Unit from UK who beat THE GRAVEKEEPERS 31 to 16! Best Player with 14 kills was RED LEOPARD!

2) Philanthropy Black Ops from Spain/Germany who beat Shadow Snakes 6 to 0! Best Player was SnakeEater with 24 kills!

The two winner teams will be contacted by us in the next days to check the data of the players and to arrange the flights to TOKYO!

Congratulations again!

And thank you to all Teams who participated!

Final #1 Details
Final #2 Details

Good Luck to all Finalists!
Toyko is near!


This great MGO World Championshpip 2008 is coming to an end and it was an amazing tournament!

May the best win and get the tickets to Tokyo!

Enjoy the Finals!

2nd Final Tournament
Tournament Details


We continue our Tournament with the 2nd Final this eavening!
2nd Final Tournament14/09/08, 9:00 pm

The following Teams will participate:
_RLF_Zonda_RLF_ Shadow Snakes pistiyo team NeoGAF:WaspUnit
PHILOSOPHER SMU Philanthropy Reborn
Playfrance Finnish Crowd De@d_Cell Faadaaaa
The Gurus Sneaking Fox NeoFoxHound =[OPERATION

LOBBY: Mei Ling

Round #1
Starts: 9pm GMT+1
Round 1
Start: 9pm
Group 1

Starts Game Name Team vs Team
9pm EC_Game_01 _RLF_Zonda_RLF_ Shadow Snakes
9pm EC_Game_02 pistiyo team NeoGAF:WaspUnit
9pm EC_Game_03 Playfrance Finnish Crowd
9pm EC_Game_04 De@d_Cell Faadaaaa

Round 1
Start: 9:30pm
Group 2

Starts Game Name Team vs Team
9:30pm EC_Game_06 Philanthropy Reborn
9:30pm EC_Game_07 The Gurus Sneaking Fox
9:30pm EC_Game_08 NeoFoxHound =[OPERATION

Round 2
Start: 10pm

Starts Game Name Team vs Team
10pm EC_QUARTER_01 Winner Game #1 Winner Game #2
10pm EC_QUARTER_02 Winner Game #3 Winner Game #4
10pm EC_QUARTER_03 Winner Game #5 Winner Game #6
10pm EC_QUARTER_04 Winner Game #7 Winner Game #7

Round 3
Start: 10:30pm

Starts Game Name Team vs Team
10:30pm EC_HALF_01 Winner Game #9 Winner Game #10
10:30pm EC_HALF_02 Winner Game #11 Winner Game #12

Round 4 Final
Start: 11pm

Starts Game Name Team vs Team
11pm EC_FINAL_01 Winner Game #13 Winner Game #14

Please be sure, you and your team are in the right lobby and join the RIGHT Game so before joining a game check the game number and password!

Good luck to all and enjoy the Tournament!

2nd Final Tournament Details